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Retro shower curtain Retro Record Players: Reminiscing The Good ‘ol Happy Times Posted By: Tom C. M

When you see a record player, what you basically remember is music from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Those were the years when record players reached the height of their popularity. People born in the 80s and later years may not be able to relate much to it, unless they are into collecting vintage items such as old record players and vinyls. But definitely those born in the 40s to 60s were all able to witness how great music was then. The music of Elvis Presley and the Beatles are just two of the most popular music in their time. The feeling of dancing to their groove during their height was surely different from dancing the same in the present times.

Our parents and grandparents can surely tell the great difference between the bars and pubs before and now. A record player is one of their most prominent fixtures. Not only were they enjoying high quality of music form the top music icons then, they were also enjoying the high quality of music produced by the turntables. These, among other things, are what our folks can be very proud of. They quality of entertainment they were able to enjoy before could not be compared to what we have at present.

In 1950s, it was actually difficult to secure permission to put up bars and pubs. But when the owners were finally granted their request, some people believed that never have they felt so good. Then it was the time new pubs and inns were slowly growing in number and gaining popularity. Some of them have their own pub theme. Some owners ventured on attractive architectural designs and remarkable interior designs. Their style was very distinct from the design of pubs and bars at present. Then discotheque was introduced, which we were able to adapt until now.

The interest over these phonographs is again increasing. Despite the latest gadgets now available, there are people and businesses who still buy these as part of their vintage collection. But it isnt just that, remember that our folks have a lot of vinyls stocked up. Even though it took several years already, these vinyl records can still be used. A cleaning kit will do magic on those. In minutes, youd be able to discover why your folks just love songs in their generation. They were able to even incorporate CD players, recorders, radio and cassette into latest turntables. You now have a chance to enjoy both worlds. You have vinyls to appreciate the music of your grandparents, cassette tapes to still get touch with the music in the 80s and 90s and CD player to play the music of the current generation.

Today, there are people who spend collecting vintage items. There are even those people who are not that aged but they are interested in retro collection. This is because they were able to find the beauty and value of yesterday. So when our folks see vintage stuffs just like a record player, they will always remember the great amount of time they spent to enjoy their youth.

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Tom C. Means is a retro collector and enthusiast who writes about Pedal Cars and is an expert in all things Retro and collectible.

For a visit to a truly nostalgic site filled with everything that Tom writes about record player and balance bikes, please visit: .

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Retro shower curtain 2009 Winter Men Neckties Trend Release Posted By: Jeff T

Neckties are a wonderful way to complete your look. All your previous efforts could be in vain, if you make a little mistake in this step. A subtle change in your neckties shall enhance your appearance greatly. So that it’s a cost-efficient means of altering your look, two neckties can display two entirely different profiles.

The trend of 09 winter is very unique: add the decoration at the front of shirt to replace neckties or neckties are made of the similar fabric of shirts so they are integrated each other very well. A tie with a similar color and pattern as the shirt it’s worn with makes for a lively match. Pringle of Scotland ties make use of an identical texture with the shirt so it appears as it would without neckties.

Color and texture will be gentle this season as the current style is vintage. So that the color is identical to the classic oil painting, Bottega Veneta introduced gray cashmere neckties with hone finishing. Ivy League style was defined by Moschino with striped suits and neckties. Paul Smith, with narrower plaid neckties, is the choice for teachers though. More distinctive with the style of American West are the wide John Bartlett ties.

The contemporary handsome style is still happening, naturally. That expectation can be fulfilled by either Gianfranco Ferre’s white ribbon style neckties and Gucci’s narrow purple ties. The ideal representation of modern and retro, Zegna neckties are also available in metal texture.

The vertical stripe shirts are able to polish your body shape and easy to build a cheerful and friendly image. If you seek a unified style, matched neckties can be a stripe pattern as well. Both Vertical and horizontal stripes are either boring or having a visual conflict, however, the striped neckties are more appropriate.

Neckties in pink can double the already cheerful air when worn with pink shirts. The elegant and simple shirt style has a mild texture and works well with the season. The pointed or narrow collars are preferred to stress the casual style. The striped neckties in bright color can bring the vitality to your pink romantic upper body. The invisible gentle for men can be accentuated by the thick fabric.

The light color ties will not match with a black collared white shirts as the main part is in light color. Decoration effects from the neckties can be weakened by the similar color tones. The ties in a dark color but lighter than black can be a good choice. It also can complement the shirt very well in addition to making a noted difference in the layers between a necktie and the collar.

Most neckties in a dark color can have a desired look with a white shirt. However, the requirement of necktie shapes is very strict if there are retro-style wrinkle decorations at the front of shirts. Elegant shirts can be damaged by traditional ties with a wide bottom and narrow top. A narrow tie With an even width in a solid color can be switched by you.

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neck ties might be a necessity for every wardrobe, as silk tie can still be a vital accessory for men, despite the fact that the dress code isn’t as formal anymore.

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Retro shower curtain The Power Of Cubic Zirconia Posted By: youhu

This seasons favorite accessory packs a powerful punch in a small form Cubic Zirconia jewelry is all the rage and the best part is, it doesnt cost a lot to make you look great.

From retro-inspired to mixed metallic to bright bursts of color, Cubic Zirconia jewelry is a fun and fashionable way to make a statement. You can mix and match it with other jewelry that you already own, or wear it on its own for maximum impact. For example, a statement necklace or a huge cuff bracelet can elevate a look from good to great. Its like the icing on the cake. The finishing touch.

Black and white Cubic Zirconia jewelry is always a hit and you can invest in it guilt-free knowing that it goes with most anything in your closet. You can weave in gold or silver and its versatile enough to go with more than a few outfits. Black and white is strong, bold and downright classic. Wear it to the office or to add instant style to jeans and a blazer.

Soft Easter egg pastels are fun for a little color on a drab day. These hues look cool in the winter and they are just downright pretty. Mix and match different shades for a sensational fall look.

You cant go wrong when combining metals of different range. Try cubic zirconia jewelry in yellow gold worn with other pieces in gunmetal grey. This look is a lot easier than you think you can basically wear necklaces or bracelets of different length and width to add interest and personality to your look. Plus, youll feel confident wearing a style that is all your own.

Cubic Ziconia can be designed to be playful and fun or chic and classy, but one things for sure: it makes a gorgeous statement day or night.

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Fine me more at my blog Fine Living, and if you are a big fan of cubic zirconia jewelry you could land on the blog to find what you want.

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Retro shower curtain Reveals Top 10 Celebrity Hair Extensions And Wigs Posted By:, a nationally recognized wig supplier, reveals this Falls top 10 most popular celebrity hair extensions and wigs.

Movie, television and music stars have been using hair extensions and wigs to perfect their roles, change their styles or just play the part (see Lady Gaga) for years. is now offering consumers hair extensions and wigs that match the look of your favorite celebs.

Here are the top 10 most popular celebrity styles you can create for yourself using hair extensions or wigs from

1.Gwyneth Paltrow has long been known for her iconic fashion sense and long, blonde locks. However, she has reemerged on the trend-setting scene by opting for a shorter, daring long bob.

2.Victoria Beckham, a.k.a. Posh Spice, has been sporting her angular bob for a while, but it is still catching eyes, turning heads and inspiring women everywhere to lose the length. The retro-inspired cut is low-maintenance, yet exudes a glamorous, salon-fresh aura.

3.Pop superstar Rihanna has quickly become an award-winning singing sensation, a fashion icon and Cover Girl spokesperson. Her style transformation has pushed her to the forefront of the fashion scene, and women are requesting hairstyles by her name now. Trading in bobbed styles for the shorter gamine crop, Rihanna has achieved a playful and fresh look while maintaining a mature, modern edge.

4.Reality star and fashion designer Lauren Conrad is constantly creating popular looks and responding to changing trends, but the one thing that stays consistent is her fabulous mane. Her flowing locks have loose curls or a slight wave and are worn with a center part for a casual look or side-part for a glamorous image. Stars like Blake Lively, Drew Barrymore, Sarah Jessica Parker and Penelope Cruz maintain lengthy tresses with a similar sultry sophistication.

5.Country megastar Taylor Swift may be young, but she doesnt let her blonde curly hair have a Shirley Temple effect on her image. Taylors curls are sexy and playful, yet innocent and powerful, giving her a dual-edged look that gets noticed.

6.Best known for her pop career and reality TV show, Jessica Simpson openly admits she uses hair extensions to enhance her already fabulous mane. In fact, she launched her own line of extensions with her hairstylist Ken Paves. Her line, HairDo, features real and synthetic clip-in extensions and are available and affordable for everyday customers.

7.Nicole Richie may make headlines for crazy behavior, friendships and entrance into motherhood, but she makes fashion features with her ever-changing hairstyles. She has rocked multi-colored extensions during her wilder days, glammed up her appearance with a retro bob and achieved a seductive appeal with waist-skimming locks.

8.As one of the worlds leading super models, Tyra Banks modified her look to suit the whims and demands of the fashion industry. Over the years, her hair color, length and style have changed drastically and quickly. No matter what look she is showing off, her appearance always looks classy and natural. To maintain her top model honors, she uses hair extensions on and off the runway.

9.When Latin beauty Shakira performs, her shows are energetic and entertaining. Part of her appeal is her unique appearance that is often defined by long, curly hair. On and off stage, her signature style is always being enhanced and modified. Through extensions, she will redefine what it means to have long hair or suddenly contrast platinum hair with black streaks.

10.Natalie Portman is one of Hollywoods most sought after actresses because she truly immerses herself in her roles. She has famously shaved her head for a film and has frequently worn extremely short hairstyles. When Natalie needs to add length to her hair quickly, she turns to extensions.

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retro shower curtain is a nationally recognized wig supplier and carries a variety of celebrity hair extensions and wigs. To buy hair extensions and wigs to look like your favorite celebrity visit their web site at

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Retro shower curtain New Jersey Nissan Cube Will Put A Smile On Your Face Posted By: Frank Gaston

The Nissan Cube jumps to the top of the list of cars that just make you smile as it zooms by. Its compact shape holds true in representing its name. This almost-square, toy-like vehicle appears as if its barely big enough to fit two people, let alone five.

To bring some perspective to the length of this New Jersey Nissan, two Cubes can almost fit nose to nose in a standard parking space. With its tinted unique wrap-around window originating on the back right passengers side, and wrapping up on the rear left-side of the vehicle, the Cube is something the driving world has never seen before.

Starting at $14,690, the Cube not only brings smiles to peoples faces because of the funkiness and amusement it brings to the road, but with its affordable pricing as well. As fun and exciting as the exterior looks with the rear door opening refrigerator-style and remote keyless entry, the interior only amps up that feel. The Cubes cup holders light up in 20 different colors and its dubbed “jacuzzi lounge ceiling” brings life to the inside, resembling the sporadic, unique ripple theme that appears throughout the car.

Its also important to note C doesnt only stand for Cube in this case- it stands for customization. To start, drivers have eight exterior color choices, ranging from white pearl to super black, paired with a grey, or one of two black cloth options for the interior. To complement the plush interior, you can add a retro shag carpet dash topper. Cube drivers also have the option of installing bungee cords on the door armrests to secure any papers, napkins, or anything else that threatens to make a mess in this stylish ride.

Why stop there. Available is a 20-color array of accent lighting personalizing your car, for your personality. To finish colorizing your Cube, you can also add interior trim appliqus to the air vents and window switches. Lastly, add the utility pouch and hang it on a ripple hook, an option for covering the standard black hooks. If you visit any local new and used Nissan dealer in NJ, youll certainly see how a Cube could fit your lifestyle.

Since its debut earlier this year, the Cube has made a name for itself. Named by Kelly Blue Books, the Cube was dubbed one of the top 10 coolest cars of 2009. “High fashion and a low price make the Nissan Cube an excellent choice for buyers who want to look cool on a budget.” The LA Times called the Nissan Cube coolness in a box. The Cube’s interior — the faraway windshield, the nearly vertical windshield pillars, the open seating, the airy cabin and towering headroom — is more studio loft than economy car.

Of course, one cant forget to mention the trivial stuff, like performance and economy. This funky ride averages 24 mpg city and 29 mpg highway, keeping it on track in the fuel economy column.
Yes the Cube brings a unique, urban feel to the Nissan line-up but it still embodies the features that make Nissans some of the smoothest rides and spacious vehicles. The Cube sells itself: quirky design both inside and out, efficient fuel economy and an amazingly low starting price.
Visit a Nissan dealer in New Jersey to test drive Nissans newest offering.

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Frank Gaston is an auto enthusiast in New Jersey who writes many columns and contributes many pieces to local publications. His articles and opinions feature relevant news and information about New Jersey Nissan cars and used Nissan dealers in NJ.

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Retro shower curtain Free Online Flash Games Posted By: jack chappel

Slowly but surely, video games have come to the forefront of latest style entertainment. Children and even adults of all ages enjoy the challenge posed by and interactive fun shared by these video games. Till very recently, video games were played on television using a gaming console provided by Xbox, Sega, Play Station or even Nintendo. Currently the same fun hours have been replaced by endless enjoyment with home personal computer, broadband connection and Internet browser. You are standing at the doorstep of world of online flash games.

Everyone is Enjoying These Games

Numerous people the world over are today enjoying some kind of free flash games available online. Its not that only kids are having fun with these free online flash games. People with all types of background are excited about online gaming, the reason is nobody wants to go out and play expensive games when all you need to do is connect with Internet and start playing freely available flash games.

Numerous Titles on Offer

There are numerous innovative titles available for kids today, out of which several are simple basic games. You dont have to work hard to understand them, which means you can enjoy online gaming experience while investing minimum time. The games are available in every genre possible which includes cards, fighting, racing, sports, retro arcade style and puzzles. All these games provide an exciting and entertaining experience without charging a dime. On the other hand, if you are buying video game console for which you may have to pay $300 and buy games separately for $50 each, whereas online flash games dont charge you anything.

Good Websites for Online Games

While looking for good websites offering free online games, make sure they do not charge any fees, they dont require you to register and load the game requested by you fast.

Some of the prime examples of popular online games include activities like wrestling, adventures, star wars, area travel and fighting.

Flash Technology has Grown over the Years

In development of flash arcade games for kids, flash technology has been modified constantly over the years. Introduction of flash has made the websites more interactive which has enabled further integration of 3D graphics, video and audio in the games. All these animated elements increase the visual appeal of online games manifold. Flash designs make the game attractive and incorporate audio and video, all of which make the game irresistible for kids. The pictorial symbols clearly communicate what the players should do next while making the game vibrant and brilliant at the same time. This is possible only with the use of vector graphics.

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The best place for your kidz to get entertained with special attraction of the rockabyes and several other free games options only at kidztar.

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